Excellent Resource of Inspiration

I’d like to express my deepest appreciation for the mentorship Prof. Dr. Sayed Wiqar Ali Shah extended during my M.Phil and PhD in QAU. He was not only a teacher and academic supervisor but like an affectionate family member. He fixed my mistakes and turned it into a learning opportunity. His guidance has been influential, and I know it has shaped my developing skills and habits as I move into my professional career.

I want to tell you all how much I appreciate Prof. Wiqar efforts as he was always willing to put in extra time if the situation called for it. Especially, during my PhD when he was away in Heidelberg Germany, he took long hours to guide me through phone and email. I’m grateful for the attention he has given me as his research student. I truly enjoyed discussion and conversation with him gaining valuable insights into building my career in academics. One can’t learn everything he/she needs to know about the technicalities of his career. I’m extremely lucky and grateful that Sir Wiqar took the time and pain to steer me in the right direction. He created scholars and researchers out of careless students. His students are serving in almost all Pakistani universities and abroad as well. Dr. Wiqar is a great asset and an excellent resource of inspiration for all of us now that we’ve opened our doors to the world. Keep up the good work and really proud of you Sir.

Thanking you

Dr. Himayatullah Yaqubi

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