Living Chapter of History

Prof. Dr. Sayed Wiqar Ali Shah, a teacher of history, is known to us (students) as a living chapter of history. Prof. Wiqar, who served as the Chairman of Department of History and later as the Dean of Social Sciences has a long career of almost thirty- five years in Quaid-i-Azam University, which is full of motivation and inspiration for many students like me. Prof Wiqar Shah Sahab is known in the circles of academia as one of the most accomplished researcher. He is the primary source being approached by many researchers of history because of his thorough and deep practical knowledge of history particularly political history of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and its various parties and leadership. My stay in the university as a student and now a faculty comprises of roughly 10 years where I hardly missed any opportunity to listen to his talks and lectures. It was commonly stated about Prof Shah’s lectures that lets go and listen to the living history. His excellent narration of historical facts and analysis impressed and inspired every student and teacher in the hall. In one of his recent lectures, I am witness to the fact where faculty members outnumbered the students. 

His academic contribution to the chapters of history stand tall and high and globally acknowledged by reputable universities who hired his services time and again. He has left a rich legacy of Pashtoon political history in the form of challenges to be met by his students. 

Besides his academic aspects, Prof Wiqar Shah is known to many of us as a beloved teacher, a humble soul, a sweet friend, a simple and down to earth human, a kind elder and guardian, a well-mannered and welcoming colleague. It is hard to comprehend his exceptional qualities in his personality. His simplicity and sweet sense of humor has earned him so much love and respect which I rarely witnessed in this university for any other faculty member or teacher.

At the end, I would proudly want to mention my special association with Sir Wiqar Shah as his student, as his junior colleague and now a teacher of his children. This multi relationship makes me so proud and happy and satisfied where I will always cherish this special relationship. I am so very sure that His retirement and absence in University has not distanced him an inch from his students, colleagues and fans as he lives in our hearts and minds. We pray for his best of health and life. We are eternally indebt to you sir.

Stay blessed, Love you 

Faheem Ullah Khan

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