A bright shining star who lights up the path for others

It is a great pleasure and privilege for me to write few words for the personality whom I admire the most, Professor Dr. Wiqar Ali Shah. Prof. Shah is renowned professor in the Dept. of History. He is known to me since 1999, the time when I joined Quaid-i-Azam University as an M.Phil student. My first meeting with Prof. Shah was at his office in the presence of one of his students who was also one of my close friends. I found him quite a humble and kind person during my very first meeting with him. Not only does he have a deep knowledge of History but he also knows how to impart his knowledge to students in an interesting and easily understandable way. He makes learning History less difficult. That is why many students admire him and enjoy his class to such an extent. I have also attended a number of his public talks and lectures.

I have great regard for him not only because of the knowledge he has but also because of his noble personality. I can say that, never have I met such an enthusiastic teacher like him. He thinks about teaching and students all the time. He comes to class regardless of sun or rain. Even if it is an extra class, he tries his best to reach the students in time. All his colleagues and faculty members including myself are grateful to him for what he had given to us. It is not just the knowledge, but it is the love. Whenever I had to face difficult situations in my career, it was him, who gave me the right and sincere advice. Finally I just want to express my love and admiration for Prof. Shah, who inspired me immensely. I have great respect for him, for setting an example and all the encouragement he has given me in life. He is just like a sun to me. A bright shining star who lights up the path for others.

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