Epitome of Love

I don’t remember much of my childhood. But it lives with me in the tales I hear from my mother. The stories about how Mamaji (Prof. Dr. Sayed Wiqar Ali Shah) would bring balloons every morning and would tie them to my hand and would sit and watch while I would play with them. Thinking about it, I can see the smile on Mamaji’s face as if it was happening right now. Since childhood Prof. Shah’s house was my favorite place to visit because the love we share for birds. Mamaji is a fulcrum in our family, an inspiration and an epitome of love. Few words cannot describe him or comprehend what Mamaji means for all of us. Having him as my maternal uncle was always a true blessing and still is a blessing (May He live long Ameen). Hard work, dedication and being humble are a few of those life lessons that I have learned from him. A perfect example of a true and practicing Muslim and a role model for all of us to follow, I pray Mamaji be always there to inspire us and make our world more beautiful.

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