Academic of Integrity

The most difficult life in academics is lived by a historian. He has been carrying the burden of history on his shoulders bearing all the winds and tornadoes instilled by regimes, dictatorships and monarchs. He is sailing through these difficult waters of subsidence and truth. There are very few historians that stand tall upholding the beacon of truth and academic excellence. Prof. Dr. Sayed Wiqar Ali Shah certainly is a major part of this prestigious league who in my opinion always kept the honor and sanctity of history both as a discourse and historical expression for society.

His approach towards academics on one side brings tons of knowledgeable experience whereas at the same times he is so humble, humane and a peace loving person. Moreover being an academic of integrity, he has peculiar niche for the love of his land and people. After all the global academic exposure he has always wanted to live and die in his mother land. I remember from my student life, his class room was always overcrowded. Students from other disciplines apart from history would also come and listen to his interesting lectures which are a very rare moment in academia nowadays. His lecture and persona are both a pleasant mixture of traditionalist modernity with anecdotes examples of real life experiences full of life and love. His candid story of academic career from “Baby Professor” to “Baba Professor” engulfs his association with the historian field and disciples. People like Dr. Sayed Wiqar Ali Shah might retire in books of law but their impacts live forever in hearts and minds.

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